Pipes are like the nervous system of the home, allowing water to travel all over the home instantly. Whether it be in the kitchen or in your bathroom, unlike in olden times in Auckland you don’t have to wait for the clean water to be delivered to you. But sometimes pipes get old and lose integrity which can lead to leaks, which if left unrepaired can lead to burst pipes. Burst pipes can also occur when pipes get too cold in the winter and water pressure is too much. Burst pipes depending on where they are located can be detrimental to your home creating flooding or worse if not repaired right away. If a pipe bursts in an upstairs bathroom it can cause damage to ceilings and electrical. Burst pipe repairs require a new pipe to be fitted and installed to allow for water to run through your home uninterrupted and without further damage. FlowFix Plumbing can repair burst pipes and get your water flowing through your home again.


When water has no place to go because of a block in the drains it often pools and sits in places like the shower. You only notice cause your ankle deep in water that you just assumed would make its way down the drain to never be seen again. But the cause of a blocked drain can be complicated. And unblocking it can be a messy and disgusting job. You also have to be careful of the surrounding plumbing to ensure you don’t cause further problems. If your drains are blocked and you can’t find the cause or if you know the cause and can’t unblock it yourself. Contact FlowFix Plumbing for the best blocked drain repairs in Whangaparaoa and the North Shore of Auckland. No one can help your drains drain better.


Water fills up in the sink to wash dishes, clothes and even babies. This is the most efficient easy to take care of these chores But sometimes drains won’t release the water from the tub. Then you’re just left with a tub full of still dirty water unable to use the sink or tub for your next task. There are a number of reasons why a drain can get blocked including hairballs, product and oil build up and more. Blocked sinks If not taken care of can lead to flooding, which can cause substantial water damage If not taken care of right away. If your not sure what’s blocking your drain contact FlowFix Plumbing to handle your blocked drain repairs.

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