A downpipe repair is an important feature of your home because it leads water away from the roof and deposits it in a safe location of your choosing. Downpipes generally carry water from the roof to the drain and down to the ground level of the home. It’s a component of your homes drainage system that usually includes gutters as well. They can be round or a cross sectioned square on the outside of your home usually on the corners. They can be made with a variety of extra features such as a splash plate, a debris filter, or a whimsical downpipe cover. The possibilities for where your downpipe ends are wide and varied. They can lead just out and away from the house to protect your foundation or can be configured to run into some sort of catch to have the water recycled for gardens. They can also lead to fountains and chimes or alternative landscaping, giving your home a bit of creativity.

Downpipes can be difficult to maintain because it requires making sure that there is no debris inside of the downpipe configuration that would stop the flow of water during a rainstorm. If water becomes clogged in your downpipe and had nowhere to go it could back up on to your roof and cause leaking into your home. Over the lifetime of your home, you will have to consider downpipe repairs if there are any leaks that may occur on the downpipe configuration. You may also want to redesign to configuration to direct water for a more environmentally friendly purpose. FlowFix Plumbing can take on any repairs and configurations you may need. Our trained experts have the tools and knowledge to make your downpipe more efficient.

Downpipe Repair

The downpipe is so important to your home’s drainage system and it’s important to make sure that it is well maintained and has repairs done when needed. FlowFix Plumbing has only the best experts in Whangaparaoa and the North Shore of Auckland to handle your downpipe repairs. We have knowledgeable professionals who make sure that your downpipe configuration will be able to handle the constant downpour of water during the rainy season. We make sure that your downpipe is free of any debris to prevent against clogging. We make sure to do repairs to help your downpipe keep water from seeping into your home from your roof.

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We only use the finest parts and tools to ensure the quality of the work. We want to make sure that your downpipe  stands up to all of the rain. We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products. We have the best satisfaction guarantee in Whangaparaoa and the North Shore of Auckland for any repairs and maintenance done on your downpipe.


Our experts are the most trusted professionals in the field of plumbing. We can tackle any job no matter how big. We have the most experience in creating plumbing solutions for even the trickiest problems. We are knowledgeable about all your downpipe configuration needs. You can trust our experts to give your home the attention to detail it deserves.

Customer Service

We have the best customer service in all of Whangaparaoa and the North Shore of Auckland. We know that you will be pleased with our work and friendly service because we give nothing but the best.

So when you are ready for a downpipe configuration or repairs contact FlowFix Plumbing in Whangaparaoa and the North Shore of Auckland for the best service for your downpipe. Don’t let maintenance of your downpipe cause costly problems and repairs. Trust FlowFix Plumbing to do maintenance to make sure you are able to enjoy the life of your home”