Toilets are essential to the bathroom, no doubt about it. But no one wants to talk about them. You don’t spend all week picking out just the right toilets and other than water saving bowls they don’t come with a long array of attractive features. But just because you don’t think about it doesn’t mean that you don’t care. You still need your toilet to function properly without leaking or overflowing from clogs. Leaking toilets can not only be annoying but also costly. Water can be leaking at a fast rate that you can’t measure till you need your water bill and almost drop dead cause it’s so high. When your ready for your leaking toilet repairs contact FlowFix Plumbing. We are professionals who know how to stop the leaks no matter what.

Leaking Toilets & Showers & Taps

Leaking showers and sink taps are just as bad as a leaking toilets except more sanitary. Because the water is coming from a clean source you don’t have to worry about harmful bacteria and viruses right away. Showers leaking can be caused by any number of reasons. The faster it’s resolved the better. Leaking Toilets , showers and taps are a waste of water when not taken care of right away. Taking care of these leaks is not only good for your bills but also for the environment. Auckland water is precious and we don’t want to let it be wasted. So make sure to contact FlowFix Plumbing to take care of any leaks you may be experiencing in your home. We can come out and make your home leak free so you can get back to life.


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We guarantee the best prices in all of Whangaparaoa and the North Shore of Auckland for your leaking toilet repairs. We know you don’t want to blow your whole budget on leaking toilet repairs when unexpected emergencies happen. We make it affordable so that you can do more and worry less.


We only use the finest parts and tools to ensure the quality of the work. We want to make sure that your plumbing stands up to all of your families needs. We have the best satisfaction guarantee in Whangaparaoa and the North Shore of Auckland for any repairs done including leaking toilet repairs and leaking shower and taps.


Our experts are the most trusted professionals in the field of plumbing. We can tackle any job no matter how big. We have the most experience in creating plumbing solutions for even the trickiest problems from clogged pipes to leaking toilet repairs to pipe relocating and appliance installation.

Customer Service

We have the best customer service in all of Whangaparaoa and the North Shore of Auckland. We know that you will be pleased with our work and friendly service because we give nothing but the best.

So when you have a problem with leaking toilet repairs contact FlowFix Plumbing in Whangaparaoa and the North Shore of Auckland for the best in plumbing services. Don’t let blocked drains and leaking toilets damage your home. Water damage can be detrimental to your home. Trust FlowFix Plumbing to do repairs to keep things from getting further damaged.”