Looking to Upgrade your Shower without Renovating?

We were recently taken on a tour of the Felton Factory in Glen Innes, and were introduced to new products, one of which was the Fusion Plus. The Fusion Plus ensures a more comfortable shower in terms of temperature, regardless of whether you’re on unequal or low pressure, using a simple nozzle inside the mixer, which is simple for a plumber to remove once you decide to upgrade to mains.

If you’re thinking of renovating and don’t want to change your hot water cylinder to mains pressure just yet, this is the mixer technology you need to get. Once you decide to change to mains all you need to do is get the plumber to remove the internal nozzle and you’re good to go – no big holes in your shower to get to the mixer behind to wall and no jumbo face plates to cover. Interested in the shower mixer styles? Then click here to view them.

Don’t forget Felton offers lifetime warranties on their tapware if it’s installed by a licenced plumber.

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